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While I was developing more functionalities for our SCUMSX2 Adventure Games Editor that I use to make Stan, the dreamer for MSX2, I realized a need that we had to introduce in it: A Sprite Editor for the characters of our future graphic adventures.

There are several options in the MSX scene to create the necessary sprites, but in all the possible options we tried, we couldn't find any that offered us to mount sprites in overlapping to see the OR effect (palette color mixing). The Video Display Processor (VDP) V9938 chip of MSX2 computers can do this special effect.

So I got to work and created our own sprite editor inside the SCUMSX2 Adventure Games Editor.

I found this part of the editor so useful and desired that I have turned to separate it from the adventure editor and make it its own program for everyone to use. I have named it SEV9938.

It's still in beta, but you can download a demo .

I'm looking for MSX2 graphic artists beta testers. Do you want to be one? Please contact me on twitter: @jamqueTPM.


SEV9938 Demo Version v0.95 804 kB

Install instructions

Unzip file in your favorite folder and execute

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