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This release in an on-the-fly enhanced mode that turns MSX1 colors into MSX2 palette, remade GFX, redesigned for this ultimate edition.

Includes:  LEVEL EDITOR!

EXTRA BONUS GAME: Stan The Dreamer.
The first on the world point & click adventure for MSX computers!


Hans' Adventure


Once upon a time, in a dark night...

Hans, the cleric, was lost in a black forest. Frightened by ghostly noises, Hans went to hide in a hole...but... That hole was a well used as entrance for a dwarves abandoned mine full of monsters.

Help Hans to exit before sunrise.


Use Cursors or Joystick to move Hans through the maze.
Press Space bar or Joystick Button 1 to jump.
Press M key or Graph or Joystick Button 2 to throw bottles of holy water.
Press ESC key to restart game.

Game Objetive

To move to the next level of the abandoned mine, Hans must first find the key to open the roof hatch to the next floor. In the beginning, it will be easy, because there won't be monsters around. But as more levels you climb,  more and more monsters will appear. Some monsters can be dodged, others can be jumped and only the undead can be eliminated with holy water. So, be careful.

When you don't have any holy water bottles, look for a little fountain to  refill your bottles.

Hans has two big problems:
- He can't breathe for a long time the air from the mine. So, being too much time in the same floor, means death.
- Hans doesn't have good memory and forgets the way that he just passed  through a moment ago.

We recommend you to write on a paper all your steps if you want to get out
of the mine. ;)

Run through 14 levels and you can see and hear a nice end. ;)


CODE: JamQue (Rafel Pérez)
MAIN GRAPHICS: AlmightyGod (Domingo A. Campos)
GFX INGAME: Aorante (Alberto Orante) / JamQue (Rafel Pérez)
MUSIC: JosSs (José Manuel Pérez)
LEVEL DESIGNER: Atreyu (Ángel Hidalgo)
TESTING & IDEAS: Napalm (Arnau Castellví)
COVER ART: Sirelion
CONTACT: www.thepetsmode.com / info@thepetsmode.com

Stan, The Dreamer


Stan dreams in his room. He dreams of a treasure. He always wanted to be rich.

Join with Stan in this short adventure and make his dream come true. Look for the treasure of his dreams.

This is a short adventure to enjoy with your children.  It's easy, no violence, nice graphics and have logic  actions that makes a child think by himself.


This is a short Point-and-click adventure like SCUMM  games from lucasarts or classic King's quest from  Sierra. All your actions and items are icon based.

Play with mouse, joystick or keyboard. Move your cursor around the screen. Press fire 1 or spacebar or left click in mouse to do actions. Press fire 2 or M key or right click to change action you want to do. This control is like Sierra adventures.

You have 4 actions: To Walk, Hand, To Talk, Use Item.

* TO WALK: [A FOOT icon] Click where you want Stan go. Becareful, Stan walks straight to his destination.

* TO PICK UP/USE: [A HAND icon] You can pick up objects, touch buttons, to explore holes,... you can choose an item from inventory at  bottom of the screen accion.

* TO TALK: [A SPEECH BALLON icon] Try to talk with people you find. They tell you (with an icon) what they want and maybe something will give you if you  bring it to them.

* TO USE ITEM: [ITEM icon] When you select with hand an item from  inventory this is useful in this action. If you Use Item near you you can drop this Item.

One thing more, you must stay close to the object to do actions with it. If you aren't near a loud sound will be played.

Problems with Mouse or Joystick: Game selects automatically a input mode. If there is a mouse in joystick port 1, mouse mode will  be on. If there is a joystick or nothing in joystick port 1,  keyboard and joystick mode will be on.

Press F1 to change input mode if game is running or you  change mouse or joystick in port 1 with game running.

Game Objetive

Go to the Stan dreams world and find the treasure.


CODE, GFX, SFX & ROOM DESIGN: JamQue (Rafel Pérez)
ADDITIONAL GFX: Aorante (Alberto Orante)
TESTING: Napalm (Arnau Castellví)

Release date: December, 7th 2018

Genre:  Arcade single player

Current Plataforms: MSX/MSX2 Compatible computers with 16k RAM

Languages:  English

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorJamQue - Rafel Pérez - Game Developer
TagsArcade, Exploration, MSX, Pixel Art, Retro, Speedrun
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Joystick


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gracias por los fantasticos juegos

A ti por jugarlos. ^_^ Espero que te gusten y veas sus finales. Finales que, como todo desarrollador, se piensan y se preparan con amor para el disfrute vuestro.