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You might be wondering if within the Virtual World there is such thing as life. You might also wonder if between the millions of clusters of data that move through your system, there could be something similar to an intelligent and self-conscious being.

Inside a cybernetic world, Bit is alive. He is looking for something. He lives in a strange city full of droids and robots. Bit has a gun that he use to destroy enemies. But why?

  • Inmerse yourself in Bit's universe and dare to uncover the secrets behind the source code.
  • Explore, defend yourself and find the correct way to the heart and soul of Bitlogic.
  • May the virtual world be as real as the physical reality?
  • Can a bodyless entity be considered as an intelligent and living being?
  • Would Bit be able to find the anwswers for all his questions?
  • His fate is in your hands player!

This Bitlogic version is the orginal MSX game.

Created by OXiAB Game Studio crew in 2016

Release date: June, 18th 2016 (In 49 RUMSX)

Genre: Platforms - Arcade single player

Current Plataforms: MSX Compatible computers with 16k RAM

Languages:  English


You might wonder if within the Virtual World there is such thing as life. You might also wonder if between the millions of clusters of information that move through your system, there could be some intelligent and self-conscious being.

Bit can help you to find an answer for that, the same way you can help him complete his mysterious journey. Both of you will move as one in a perfect User-Avatar interaction thanks to this advanced software.

Will you be able to find out what is Bit’s mission


Use Cursors or Joystick to move Bit through areas.
Press Space bar or Joystick Button 1 to shoot.
Press M key or  Graph key or Joystick Button 2 to open stats and to see the map.

Items & Goals

In this game you must move Bit through 5 different areas.

Along areas, you can pick up some CHIPS. These chips are used to open DOORS. Each door needs a different number of chips to opened.

There are some SPECIAL ITEMS [CARTRIDGES]. One in each area. These items give you an extra life and they will reveal some information about Bit's mission.

You have an ENERGY BAR that starts to decrease if you are in contact with an enemy.

You can defeat ENEMIES shooting at them. Some of them need more than one impact to die.

Bit is heavy and he can’t jump. You must find the path to pick up all you need to end your mission. Feel free to fall from any height. Bit will not be injured after falling.


People from Karoshi Forum, AAMSX Staf for their support.

Special thanks for support and testing:
Xavi Guillorme - Tux VGSource
Arnau Castellvi - Napalm
Fran - Nenefran
People from Gamemuseum
Chloroplast Games
Jose Maria - Octopusjig
People from CustomMSX
People from MSX Boixos Club
People from Un Pasado Mejor


Code & Level Designer & GFX ingame:
JamQue(Rafel Pérez)

Main Graphics GFX ingame:
Joan Redondo

Tolken (Alejandro García)

Juan Antonio Maldonado

Testing & Ideas:
Fubu (Alberto Gutiérrez)


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

BITLOGIC Free Mind - [MSX ROM] 256 kB
Bitlogic - MSX - Manual.pdf 3 MB


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Awesome game Rafel ! Receive our sincere congrats. Best wishes !!

Thx so much for your post. I’m glad that you enjoy it.

Did you complete the game? ^_^ I hope you do it. Your brain gonna crash hehehe.

Enjoy and love videogames.

Thxs again.

I'm pretty impressed with this game. Kind of metroidvania game on such a limited hardware. Too bad there's no jumping but still the graphics are fabulous for MSX. The intro and the manual are top notch. Amazing Work. :)

Thx for your post. I’m glad that Bitlogic like you ^_^.

About no junping. It’s a gameplay design. I want to make a puzzle platform game where you must think where and when you must fall. When I design this make I have in mind three games: Phantomas 2, Flashback and StarQuake. In this last game, main character can jump. Another game without jump option and that it is a puzzle is Captain Toad, and I love it.

Follow me, cause soon, this summer, I release the PC version of Bitlogic, that a year ago was in Steam and Nintendo Switch avaliable.